Ecology is a matter of high priority in Voronezh region

though ecological conditions and ecological safety in Black Earth Belt where Voronezh belongs is much better than in industrial regions of Russian Federation. But still Voronezh Oblast faces the problem of air and water pollution, forest fires, extinction of rare species of flora and fauna, deterioration of ecological condition of agricultural lands. Very acute for the region are the problems of industrial and solid domestic waste recycling.

There are several structures in Voronezh Oblast government, Voronezh Oblast Duma, Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Public Chamber whose responsibility is nature conservation. Regular environmental actions are held in the city in different levels: Regional forum devoted to the World Environment Day, Round tables, cooperation with Khoper State Reserve (project Russian desman), United Russia Party project Garden City involving local communities, especially young people, etc.

 After getting information on the Quarry Life Award project launched by HeidelbergCement the Chairman of Ecological committee of Voronezh Oblast Duma Mr.Goncharov visited Bely Kolodets quarry. He highly appreciated HC initiative in biodiversity promotion and stressed the importance of raising awareness of the biological value of mining sites and involvement of the local scientific community into the project.