Globally, bats are facing wide-ranging threats that are causing the decline in the populations of several species in Europe. Some of these global threats are habitat degradation, disturbances in breeding places or hibernaculums and loss of roosting sites. We will take advantage of some properties of La Medina quarry (and most of quarries) to achieve our main goal: to increase the potential benefit of La Medina quarry over the bats populations inhabiting in the surrounding area or inside the quarry.

We propose certain actions and guidelines to achieve all of our goals in order to benefit not only bats but also the environment, the company and society. Some of these actions are:

  • A methodology to identify evidence of bat species located at La Medina quarry.
  • A GIS and fieldwork based methodology to study the connectivity between La Medina and Las Caldas Cave, a Nature Reserve dedicated to bats.
  • A protocol for bat population management in quarries, in order to reconcile bats conservation with production and restoration in the quarry.
  • Interpretive kiosks, guided walks and other activities to spread the project among different local actors increasing people's knowledge and awareness and improving the corporate image of the company.

The results of the project could provide HeidelbergCement Group with tools enough to minimize disturbances to bats, to contribute to their conservation and
to strengthen their populations in many quarries along the world.