The aim of this research proposal is to determine the diversity, abundance and fitness of the soil Arthropods (including Arachnida, Collembola, and Insecta) population in a diverse sampling point. Arthropods known as an quality indicators of the environment that supports other living creatures in their area. The bio-indicators can be organisms or biological responses which presence is a marker of environmental conditions. Arthropods is one  of the bio indicators that lives in the underground, surface of the land, and also bellow the water and sediments. Arthropods has many different responses to pollutants entering their home and its our duty to find a marker which can be used as a practical bio-indicator of good environmental value. In this study we are focusing on the identification and biodiversity management of soil arthropods. Soil Arthropods are the main character  in which could be a potentially use to enhance Gaskell Sand Quarry ecosystem . Gaskell Sand Quarry is the right area for the study proposal object because it has various condition of the lands, so that it can be used as sampling object of Arthropods population to understand therichness and diversity of the species, pattern of distribution, the environmental factors that support the lives of this creature, and also to rising awarness of environmental protection and biodiversity management. Arthropods, with over a million species described, are ubiquitous throughout different environments.