The aim was this time to explore the south-eastern part of the quarry, with mainly woods and shrubs biotopes

No additional species was found : it is clear that with 37 species already registered, it is now hard to find a new found species ! Anyway, we met many land molluscs : 15 species with 4 types of slugs and therefore 11 different species of snails.

In August, it is not a surprise to find many fully mature specimens, giving us some beautiful photographs (see the gallery). But we observed also still some juvenile animals : this is of course a sign of good health of the various biotopes we walked in. Again, the Loën quarry is really a malaco-sanctuary :-) !

Just one thing. In the pictures, there is a "fake" : we edited two subjects coming both from the quarry and we mixed them to make a "joke picture". Do you guess the picture I'm talking about ;-) ?