With the ponds construction date in our minds (August 31st), we now barely remember the last month’s crazy times. In order to get fully equiped (machines, mesh, insulating film, wooden stakes…) we got involved in a race against time! And we also had to deal with the suppliers’ holidays! Luckily, excepting the last details, everything is ready to put on the gloves and build the designed ponds.
The attached pictures show an exit structure, designed and built by us. These structure will allow the exit of the amphibians or any other kind of animal which has passed through the wired mesh. It has two parts: a swallow slope and a base covering the gap between the two surrounding metal meshes.
To get this exit structure, we joined 3 wooden garden tiles with wire, and then we joined the slope to a forth tile (the base), with the appropriate angle for the correct installation in field.
We don’t know what you think about them but…they are so nice for us! And even Valter was able to climb it!