After some days collecting all the materials, yesterday everything was ready for the construction of two pond systems, with three ponds each, in Áridos Sanz Gravel Pit. First step has been the stakeout of the holes with a string and some stakes. After that, the backhoe has dug holes with different depths and sizes according to the marked area. After hand-shaping carefully the ponds, Fernando, Daniel and César have placed a geotextile sheet on the hole, and then, an insulating film and other geotextile sheet. This "sandwich" laying is to prevent deterioration of the insulating film that allows the rainwater to remain on the soil surface. Finally, the edges of the layers have been buried. Some stones and soil have been placed over the last geotextile sheet to create heterogeneity on the bottom of the pond, refuges for the amphibians and accesses to the hole.

Young people is able to do big things, they only need an opportunity to demonstrate their worth!

PS: We would like to thank to Antonio, for the great work done with the backhoe, and thanks also to Víctor and Ángel, from Tormes Foundation, for the help :)