This was our last exploration in the Loën quarry for the Quarry Life award. We thought that there was no almost chance to find new species to add at our list. And yet …

With the usual Helix pomatia, Arion vulgaris and so on, we also observed much often overlooked smaller snails :

1) The Lesser Bulim (Merdigera obscura) with its about 9 mm pointed shell (take care : the aperture is at the right side and so, this is not a Clausiliidae);
2) The Garden Disk Snail (Discus rotundatus) with a discoid depressed shell with close ribbed whorls. This is one of most widespread snails in Belgium.
3) Smaller than the Bulim, but still pointed and aperture located at the right, the Slippery Teardrop Snail (Cochlicopa lubrica).
4) Even smaller (4 mm high) than a Cochlicopa, Moss Chrysalis Snail (Pupilla muscorum), grazing under the stones.
5) One of the most tiny (diameter of only 2 mm), the Ribbed Vallonia (Vallonia costata), with a nice white shell reminding a postal horn.

But we also observed for the first time Vitrea crystallina (the Crystal Snail), minute depress translucent snail (3-4 mm) and Carychium tridentatum (the Herald Snail), a minute pointed snail (2 mm).
They were of course hard to detect. But we have succeeded  !

And also, at least as interesting, we found a Cepaea shell with ants eggs inside and we also observed 3 couples of Arion vulgaris mating : the quarry is indeed a life sanctuary !