We finally have the best photographs displayed!

Our team has selected 25 out of the the most impressive photographs taken by the students during the field trip in June 2016 (Slătioara Pit/ Olt Inferior Valley ROSPA0106). The pictures have been printed at a professional photography centre and sent out by post to Slătioara School. The images will also be displayed in the Schools of Glina and Brănești. The exhibition at Aletheea School in Bucharest is ready to be admired (see photo)!

The students illustrated in their images both 'stories'- people and birds, as well the landscape itself- the Olt Inferior Valley (ROSPA0106) and its features. Looking through the lens of a camera has been a great opportunity for them to 'zoom in' and take more time to focus on the surrounding, capture its beauty and reflect on the role played by humans inside the landscape.

We invite you to have a look at the uploaded images. Which one impressed you the most?