"For me, this project was awesome. It helped us grow our general culture and also our personal development, through the knowledge of new information and people. I am now friend with many pupils from the other participating schools. A great experience in every way!"
- Maria Stan, student

"The Slătioara pit project was a unique experience for me, meeting different groups of people from different backgrounds. I learned that it does not matter how you look or dress, but your personality counts the most. That people coming from poor familes with issues are brilliant people that hide beautiful stories. The differences between a pupil from a private school and a public one is huge. Different education. I took pictures with proffesional devices and we got to know each other more. I recently spoke with Bianca, pupil from Glina, and she sent greetings of success in exams to all of us. I hope I will repeat this experience."
- Adriana Răduță, student

"The project from Slătioara was a unique project, we have seen what nature gives us and we admired birds and other animals in their own habitat. I loved this project very much."
- Nicușor Tone, student