Well… this will be our last post and we want to make and evaluation of the time working in our Quarry Life Award project. I think two words summarize well these months: hard work. We've been doing extra work for all this time and sometimes was really... hard. We met every week to talk about the progress and plan the next days, we used our free days (and nights!) for doing field work, we wrote posts during train trips, we reviewed texts everywhere with the mobile phone, we got tired for the next job day and even detract it, and sometimes we got angry.
But somehow… we enjoyed :) I think it is because we like our project and we feel that we are helping amphibians, that we are improving our world.

Finally, we want to thank to HeidelbergCement for organizing the contest, particularly to José Ignacio Cañas. We also thank Áridos Sanz S.A., particularly José Manuel Rodríguez, for their courtesies. We want to thank Tormes Foundation (Raúl, Victor and Ángel) for helping with the construction of the pond systems and for their pieces of advice. Thanks a lot to Gonzalo Alarcos for joining us to find tadpoles and toads. Finally, we thank to others who helped us to complete this project: Flashito, Alex, Teresa, Juan Antonio, Sergio and Óscar (UCAV), Alcores 404 Scout Group, Antonio, Olaia and Enrique. Thanks to all of you!

We also want to wish all participants good luck in the contest. We are calm because we did our best ;)

Hope to keep in touch with this project.