Hi everyone,

The main goal of the ecological restoration is to reduce or mitigate the human ecological footprint, so that it does not affect the provision of ecosystem services (those benefits that we obtain from natural processes). One of those services, pollination, is compromised, due to the progressive loss of the animals that carry it out. And in preventing this from happening, and learn how to use the restoration of quarries to improve this service inside and outside of them, is our project.

We want to contribute to the knowledge that exists on these topics, in order to help finding solutions. Specifically, with this project we intend to study the connectivity of pollinators between restored plots in those explotations and the surrounding ecosystems, as well as the study of different scenarios (creation of shelters, revegetations) that may facilitate the implementation of pollinators in restored areas.

So far we were preparing the area for the project: we already have installed the islands of vegetation and shelters. Now we have to see if we can attract pollinators and create networks in the quarry. Exciting!

Thank you very much for reading