Climate change is a threat that is leading us to a climate crisis. Measures must be taken to reduce its impact on ecosystems and biodiversity.
We intend to find some guidelines so that the environment of the Rezola quarry in Arrigorriaga can have a line of action against climate change, contribute to the reduction of its spread on a global scale and promote the maintenance of ecosystems and natural habitats in the quarry's natural environment.
We want to know the context to develop any type of initiative. These initiatives will have to address aspects such as what, where and how. So, the area of analysis must be delimited to specify the target zones.
Looking at the maps, we can see that the north-eastern area of the quarry is highly anthropized, but the western margin is an area with a large presence of vegetation. Several micro-basins can be delimited in this environment, which can be used as management units.
From public (GeoEuskadi) and open (Open Street Maps) resources it is possible to have a precise knowledge of this terrain, calculate its elevation map and delimit its micro hydrographic basins. 3D visualizations help to better understand the terrain.
In order to restrict the study area, we will work on 3 micro-watersheds, which are the ones located in the specific area of the Rezolala quarry. These are the Cubo, Arane and Bolintxu micro-basins.
The space covered by these 3 microbasins has been drawn on the previous maps and it will be our working area.